Top 3 Binary Options Trading Platforms

Top 3 Binary Options Trading Platforms

Binary Options Trading is an excellent way to earn money without a lot of effort, especially if you already have the required knowledge about the trading market, the condition of stocks and other valuable goods. However, even if you aren’t familiar with all of these facts, you can also earn some money to put your food on the table or even become a millionaire if you’re persistent enough, and you place the right trade. Naturally, all of this comes with a risk, a risk of losing money, and it shouldn’t scare you too much. Everything comes with a price, right? To help you with trading, people created trading platforms that will provide you with individual signals. These signals were based on the current condition of the trading market, movement of prices, other bets, predictable changes and so on. This means you don’t even have to be familiar with what it is you place your trade onto. This means you are one click away from a fortune.

However, the accuracy of the signals certain platforms send isn’t always precise. That is because individual developers are greedy, they want the money and success without any effort, and developing a working, trustworthy platform requires a lot more than just your time, it requires your dedication, expert knowledge and a lot of effort. The number of the scam platforms is slowly rising, that is why it’s important for you to know which ones are legit. Even though here is a lot of trustworthy platforms, here are the three that stole the show.

1. FinTech LTD

fintech_appFinTech Limited actually comes from the words Financial Technology, with is highly suitable for a software like this. It’s creator David Roberts was long into the analyzing business data for successful companies, and he was a trader also. The loss of a large amount of money thanks to certain binary options trading platform he decided to create a system that will get more accurate results and bigger success rate, and he did it. FinTech software can be both automatic or manual trading system, depending on your settings, this is what makes it different from most of the trading systems out there.

2. Zero Loss Formula

As the name suggests, if you choose this software your loss rate will be zero percent. Zero Loss formula is a reliable system and even though its name is attractive, it isn’t really 100% certain. Of course, there is always a risk of loss, but with the name the developers wanted to accentuate the accuracy of their signals which isn’t a crime. And it’s true, their signals have a very high success rate, which means you will be successful and wealthy if you follow them.

3. Quantum Code


Developed by one of the most famous people on Forbes’s list, Michael Crawford’s company Quantum Code and with a success rate of about 96%, you don’t really need to say anything else about this auto-trading system. You will need to place an initial deposit of about 250$, but it will be worth it.

Everything You Need to Know About Banc De Binary

Everything You Need to Know About Banc De Binary

Banc De Binary, as its name suggests is an auto-trading system from Cyprus, and it is one of the most popular binary options platforms. Its name is known all over the world. Company of the same name developed a software and a trading platform for the traders all over the World with two exceptions USA and Australia, which is atrocious if you’re Aussie or American operator. The fact that company doesn’t accept Australian or American traders makes it a little less attractive, and that is why we will save you the time of researching this software further if you’re one. Binary Options Trading has a lot of similarities with betting – you are in fact, predicting the future value of particular stocks or similar valuable goods. To do this, you will need the help of Banc De Binary system.

binary-options-banc2The software is designed to observe the trading market and the movement of the prices, as well as placed trades when it spots a chance it will send you the signal proposing your next movement. According to the signal you need to place a bet, you can pass or place a bet, or do just the opposite of what the message says, the choice is yours. You cannot say that success is guaranteed, the trade is unpredictable, there is always so many things that can happen on the market just after you placed a bet, the things that cannot be predicted by a computer program. However, in most cases the signal or the tip on will be exact, the outcome will depend only on your settings. If you like to handle your trades manually and place them all by yourself, then both losing and winning will be your fault. If you use an auto-trading system that does everything for you, you can freely blame the system.

Banc de Binary is on the scene since 2009, which speaks enough about its trustworthiness. The reputation it got over the years brings more than several new traders and customers on a daily basis, which is why Banc de Binary is only getting more popular with each year. Finding a trustworthy trading platform in Top 10 Binary Apps, but this is an exception, you can even say that it is a classic of the Binary Options Trading world.

It offers the maximum return of 91% which is very realistic success rate as opposed to the scam programs which offer a 100% success rate or no loss at all. Minimum investment in each trade is 1$, investing such a small amount can help you practice until you’re ready for serious deals. Maximum investment amount is 6000%, the fact that even maximum investment is limited means this program isn’t developed to rob traders of their money.


This platform has one more interesting feature, as a worldwide platform, it supports different currencies, EUR, GBP, USD whichever you prefer. Apparently, the only flaw of this software is that it doesn’t accept American or Australian traders, everything beyond that is simply amazing.

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